The irony of Trump whining about leaks

Source: CNN

In the face of mounting revelations of contacts between his campaign advisers and Russian intelligence, Donald Trump’s best strategy is to come clean: release his tax returns, answer all questions, recuse Attorney General Jeff Sessions from any inquiries and fully cooperate with an independent investigation. That is the only way to put to rest once and for all the notion that the President is compromised by our adversaries in Moscow.

Fat chance.
Skilled in the dark arts of deception, Trump instead is turning to a favorite tactic, one that has served him well in the past: Deploy weapons of mass distraction. “Look over there!” he yells, and we do. As a reality TV star, he knows our attention span is short, our desire for drama acute and our interest in shiny new objects extreme.
So he’s shouting “Sabotage!” He’s decrying leaks, and his allies are calling for an investigation of the leakers. Not of the Russians. Not of the campaign advisers who U.S. investigators’ allege spoke with Russians repeatedly throughout the campaign. Not of the supposed compromising information the Russians are reported to have on our new President. No, he’s attacking the whistleblowers.

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