Waking up under the surgeon’s knife

Source: BBC

Canadian Donna Penner was relaxed at the prospect of abdominal surgery – until she woke up just before the surgeon made his first incision. She describes how she survived the excruciating pain of being operated on while awake.

In 2008, I was booked in for an exploratory laparoscopy at a hospital in my home province of Manitoba in Canada. I was 44 and I had been experiencing heavy bleeding during my periods.


I’d had a general anaesthetic before and I knew I was supposed to have one for this procedure. I’d never had a problem with them, but when we got to the hospital I found myself feeling quite anxious.

During a laparoscopy, the surgeon makes incisions into your abdomen through which they will push instruments so they can take a look around. You have three or four small incisions instead of one big one.

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