What Trump team has said about Islam

Source: BBC


Does Donald Trump believe Islam is a religion?

It was a straightforward question, asked of Sebastian Gorka, deputy assistant to the president, during a radio interview last week. His answer was anything but straightforward, however.

“It’s not a discussion about Islam as a religion or not a religion,” he replied. “It’s about radical Islamic terrorism. We are prepared to be honest about the threat. We’re not going to white it out, delete it as the Obama administration did.”

But is it a religion?

“I think you should ask him that question,” Gorka continued. “But I would say that’s really a misreading of everything he’s said over the last 18 months.”

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  1. I’m not American, so after listening to American news and all the side takings I wonder what it looks like in the schools. Can, and do, they teach anything about Islam? Is it possible to to get a fair view of Islam in America? Trump doesn’t know about Islam. And whether it’s a religion – it might serve his interests one day to be able to deny it.

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