Trump’s Disregard For Islamophobic Hate Crimes Shows He Cares Little About Muslim American Lives


A woman holds a sign that reads ‘Muslim Lives Matter’ during a protest on Queen Street following US President Donald Trump’s ban on people from seven Muslim-majority countries entering the US on January 30, 2017 in Cardiff, Wales. The Muslim Times has the best collection of articles to tackle Islamophobia

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By Dean Obeidallah; Political comedian, SiriusXM radio show host and commentator

Muslim Americans are Americans. And we are being targeted.

On Sunday evening in Quebec, a 27-year-old white French-Canadian man who had reportedly expressed anti-immigrant views and support for Donald Trump online walked into a mosque with one alleged purpose: to kill Muslims. While Muslims were in their house of worship praying, he opened fire. Instantly families scrambled to shield their loved ones from this terrorist’s deadly mission. By the time it was over, six were murdered and countless others were wounded simply for “practicing their faith,” as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau noted.

Trump, while reportedly offering condolences to Trudeau, didn’t respond by publicly warning about the threat of white supremacists plotting violence against Muslims or other people of color. But on Friday morning when a machete-wielding man in Paris allegedly attacked soldiers while yelling “Allahu Akbar,” Trump immediately took to Twitter to bring attention to “radical Islamic terrorism”:


Details ― including the identity and motive of the suspect ― were not immediately clear at the time of his tweet. So why did Trump instantly take to Twitter and in effect do a victory lap over a possible terror attack by a Muslim but not warn about terror threats posed by white supremacists even days later? Simple: Muslims committing terrorist attacks is the narrative Trump needs to garner support for his “Muslim ban.” However, Muslims being killed by right-wing actors like we saw in Quebec ― and which Canada deemed terrorism ―  hurts his case.

While Trump refuses to acknowledge the threat of white supremacists in America, we must in order to keep people of color safe. Let me be blunt: attacks like Quebec could very likely happen in the United States in the near future given the recent plots by white supremacists to kill Muslim Americans. While I would imagine many Americans have not heard about these terror plots since our media barely covers them, it’s fair to assume that the president of the United States and his team are aware of them. Here are just a few.

Many Americans have not heard about these terror plots [against Muslims] since our media barely covers them, but it’s fair to assume that the president of the United States and his team are aware of them.

In October, three men allegedly part of a domestic terrorist group called “The Crusaders,” were arrested for reportedly plotting to kill Somali Muslim immigrants living in an apartment complex in Garden City, Kansas. The three spoke of dipping their bullets in pig’s blood before shooting the Muslims ― echoing Trump’s campaign speech that General Pershing had done the same. (Pershing did not.)
In December, white supremacist Glendon Scott Crawford was sentenced to 30 years in prison. Why? Well he intended to use a radioactive weapon of mass destruction to kill Muslim Americans in upstate New York.

Then there’s Robert Doggart of Tennessee, a self-described Christian minister, whose trial begins later this month. Doggart’s plot allegedly included using explosives and machetes to kill Muslim Americans simply because of their faith.

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