These are the alarming parallels between the views of Steve Bannon and those held by Islamist jihadis

The enemy for Bannon is secularism. This, he believes, is responsible for progressively diluting pure Christian ideals with all sorts of modern and postmodern ideologies

At the time of Trump’s unexpected election victory, there was much speculation over who would really run the US Government, given the incoming President’s notorious lack of patience and attention to detail. Now that question has been answered: this White House is Steve Bannon’s.

The one element that unites every executive order and every speech the President has given since assuming office is theBannon world view. So if we are to understand the trajectory of this new American administration, we need to invest some time in trying to understand Bannon, his outlook, and where he plans to take us next.

Having studied radical Islamists for more than a decade, as I started to look into Bannon’s perspective and philosophies I started to notice significant parallels between the two mindsets. According to Bannon, based on his responses to a series of interviews granted in recent years, our world is in the midst of an epic battle. It is a battle between good and evil, and the force of pure good is the Christian civilisation that was bequeathed to the West over 2000 years ago. Bannon’s belief is that this Christian society, the greatest civilisation known to man, has been eroded, corrupted and brought to the brink of destruction over the last several decades.


(last paragraph of article):

Now we know who is really running the White House, it is time to be vigilant and perhaps start to plan proactively for the horrors that – if we take Bannon at his word – may well lie ahead.

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    Views which do not fit the ideas of Bannon and his entourage are considered by them from the devil and seen as an attack on the liberty of religion, though it are they who want to muzzle those who have an other opinion than they, and are aiming at restrictions in freedom of thought, freedom of religion, and many other liberties our forefathers fought for.

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