SWITZERLAND SECOND? Satirical Swiss Trump video goes viral. So viral

FEB 3, 2017 –

Switzerland has jumped on board a late-night comedy trend, peddling its ideas of why the country could be an appealing place to the new president of the United States, Donald Trump.

Following the lead of a Dutch TV programme, a late night show on Swiss Public Television, SRF, put forward its claim of why it should be ‘second’ if America is to be ‘first’ – as Trump put it during his inauguration speech on January 20.

There is now even a website for the videos from different countries around the EU (and now Switzerland), each one staking its claim to second position after Trump’s America.

And what does Switzerland have to offer in its proposition to Trump? Well, after first claiming it is the “sexiest” country in Europe, the video goes on to extol the virtues of Switzerland as a country where women did not get the vote until the 1970s, and in some places the 1990s, among a number of other tongue-in-cheek points.


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