Pakistan reacted immediately to the message of Trump White House.

Source: Asia Times:

Although Pakistan has said nothing about the immigration ban, its actions suggest that it got the message from the White House. After years of prevaricating, Pakistani authorities finally arrested the radical Muslim cleric Hafiz Saeed, accused of planning the 2008 Mumbai massacre carried out by Pakistani jihadists.

Through a combination of incompetence and weakness, the Obama administration contributed materially to violence in the Middle East, threatening the stability of traditional American allies such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. In addition, it encouraged the Iranians to assert their military power in the region, which the Sunni states view with alarm. If the Obama administration did not create ISIS, it stood godfather to the birth of the movement, as Gen. Flynn observed and reported during his tenure at Defense Intelligence.


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  1. It is just time game. Chance has come to those who were against the Obama policies. Religion just the scapegoat being used. Islam does separate state from religion but regrettably KSA and Iran rulers not understanding it. Actually regional strategic interests are the driving force for US policies. Current runners of US power corridors feel differently relative to their predecessors so are going ahead with their own perception. No one can stop them. Unfortunate are those innocent victims of affected countries who are paying the price. They aught to pay it as might is always right.

  2. I don’t see any thing illogical in the current decision of US government . Safety of citizens and country is the primary duty of the government of any country . I don’t accept that all citizens of the banned countries are bad , at the same time we must accept that there are some people or groups who love bloodshed . We can not deny from the presence of those Muslim literature and people who link the revival of Muslims with sword . Unfortunately , a very large section of Muslims denies the validity of the Quranic teaching ” there is no compulsion in the matter of faith ” , thus open the door of intolerance ; they claim that Islam prohibits the murder of innocents but at the same time support those who issue the fatwa wajibul qatal thus open the door of bloodshed etc. I understand that it is not a fight between Islam ( if Islam is really followed , every one will love ) and other religion but certainly against those who go to other countries and start violence . We should appreciate that government which is taking steps for the safety of its citizens . We are also citizens of our countries .

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