NFL players’ union expresses support for Muslim players in wake of Trump’s travel ban

Source: The Washington Post

By Mark Maske

The NFL Players Association expressed its support Thursday for Muslim players in the league amid the controversy generated by President Donald Trump‘s immigration order.

NFLPA officials said the union reached out to the families of Muslim players in the NFL at the behest of Eric Winston, the veteran offensive lineman for the Cincinnati Bengals who serves as the union’s president. About 15 players and their families were contacted, a union official said.

 “At Eric’s direction, we notified and sent information to all of those families who are members of the National Football League just to tell them that if they need anything from their union that we’re there 100 percent,” said DeMaurice Smith, the NLFPA’s executive director.


Winston expressed strong support publicly on Thursday for the league’s Muslim players. That came a day after NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell declined to express a view on the Trump administration’s order temporarily banning entry into the U.S. for citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries and refugees from around the world.

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