This is how Theresa May should have reacted to Donald Trump’s travel ban – for the sake of British Muslims

Trump is no Roosevelt or Kennedy – not even a Bush, for what that’s worth. But May is no Churchill. Not even an Attlee or a Macmillan or even a John Major. It’s not just a failure of compassion – she does not have what Churchill spoke about very often and what he prized most: magnanimity 

It takes months to become a real bad guy, to turn against a whole race of people, to boast about your lack of compassion, to whip even your most craven allies into grovelling silence as you besmirch the good name of your country. But it took only a few seconds for Justin Trudeau to shame Donald Trump at the weekend. All he said was “Welcome to Canada”, and his own freezing, cantankerous, glorious country became the Land of the Free.

It was a lesson, if she had the wit to grasp it, for our own little poodlet – whose frightened complicity when asked, repeatedly, to respond to Trump’s meanness of heart shamed even her own cabinet of buffoons. Is this where Brexit has taken us?


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