Would it be unwise to judge Trump this early in his tenure?

Source: ET

It is no exaggeration to say that the politics of America have been transformed by the election of Donald Trump. He has stood his critics on their heads. The political Establishment were put on notice in his Inaugural Speech, which was little more than a polished version of what he had been saying on the stump for the last nine months. Appointments to his administration already point to a very different type of Presidency — there is no Latino in his Cabinet, for instance. His nominee for the Secretary of Education has no experience of the public education sector. Hawks, military and civilian, are a-perch on the tree of governance. Whilst there may be much to question as to the credentials of the new President, it would be unwise to judge him this early in his tenure. For that if for no other reason we wish President Trump well.


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  1. Would it be unwise to judge him this early in his tenure? No not at all. In Urdu it is said, “Poot kay paun palnay main” Even one can predict about newly born, Trump is seasoned man of 70. His looks, body language and shape of hands all tell what ever he says he means it. He has outlined his course of action. He is a businessman. World affairs can not be administered by businessmen. Earlier Americans and others can understand this simple message it will be good for world. Contrary to it are unimaginable miseries for the world.

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