Nikki Haley’s Sikh heritage will help her protect minority religions

Source: RNS

(RNS) Republican South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley will be a rare woman on Donald Trump’s Cabinet-level team, and one of the few persons of color.

Knowing little about her foreign policy positions, given that she has little to no international experience, what should we expect from Haley once she is confirmed to be ambassador to the United Nations?

Although Haley gave up her traditional birth name (Nimrata Randhawa) and is a practicing Christian, she brings a unique background to the U.N. ambassadorship because of her Sikh heritage.

Like her, I have parents who speak the Punjabi language, profess the Sikh religion and come from rough and tumble rural stock. I believe her heritage gives her fuel to resist Trump’s anti-diplomatic marching orders, and, as a moderate, she can withstand the extremist inclinations of the incoming Cabinet.

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