In Mosul areas retaken from Daesh, loss and fear linger

By Reuters – Jan 12,2017 – JORDAN TIMES


Displaced Iraqi children fleeing the Daesh group stronghold of Mosul eat in the town of Bartella, east of Mosul, Iraq, on Thursday (Reuters photo)


MOSUL, Iraq — Iraqi soldiers kicked in the gate of a home in eastern Mosul and emerged moments later with two young men whose hands they bound with plastic ties and dragged off towards black Humvees.

The men, at least one suspected of belonging to the Daesh terror group, denied ties to the militants who had been pushed out of the neighbourhood a few days earlier. They were pale with fear as they knelt on the ground.

Neighbours gathered around, most staring intently but saying nothing. One reaffirmed the accusations and another called one of the men’s brothers “a dog and the son of a dog”. The soldiers loaded the suspects into their vehicles and drove off.

Moments earlier and just a few doors down, a middle-aged widower with a wrinkled face had pleaded with the soldiers’ commander to avenge Daesh’s alleged murder of his brother, wife and son.

“Save us from them, save us from these disbelievers!” he shrieked, waving a Daesh execution order. The black-clad general listened calmly before embracing the man, who began to weep on his shoulder.

These types of episodes are playing out regularly in the increasing number of areas in eastern Mosul where Iraqi forces have pushed out Daesh in a three-month, US-backed offensive to retake the militants’ largest urban stronghold.


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