How would legendary foreign correspondent Clare Hollingworth have reported on the world of Twitter and Trump?

How, for example, would you tweet the start of World War Two? Amid the abuse of social media, how would you convince readers that, yes, the Nazis really are about to invade Poland?

What would Clare Hollingworth, who died this week, have made of Donald Trump? Or the world of Twitter? Each time one of our breed departs, we predict the end of the foreign correspondent. All of 40 years ago, one of the first radio interviews I endured – for an Irish station, I recall – involved a debate not about the future of our calling but the date of its demise. When television brought us news pictures by satellite, we used to be asked, what was the point of grinding out the words to describe what the world had already seen on screen? Hollingworth’s death at 105, at an age when joy at her final stunning longevity must smother sorrow, will surely set us off on another premature obituary of the job she loved and lived for and which she still wished – almost blind and scarcely able to walk – to enjoy after she had scored her century.



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  1. Read also another paragraph:

    Isn’t it also an international scandal when Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, flagrantly intervenes in US politics, encourages Congress to ignore the wishes of President Obama, and allows the Israeli lobby in the United States to bully the country’s political representatives into permitting Israel to go on building colonies for Jews and Jews only on stolen Arab land? Netanyahu played a role in Trump’s election, just as Israeli diplomat Shai Masot in London wanted to “take down” UK politicians who disagreed with Israel’s outrageous policies on the occupied West Bank (and “take down”, by the way, has a far more sinister connotation in Israeli military parlance than merely destroying someone’s reputation). For Masot was also outrageously interfering in Britain’s democracy.

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