Real Housewives of Isis: ‘They want Muslims to be offended, but we aren’t’

Source: The Guardian

BBC2 sketch has been criticised as ‘morally bankrupt’ but many say satire is British tradition and can help fight terrorism

Promo picture for Real Housewives of Isis
Real Housewives of Isis – a sketch from the BBC comedy Revolting. Photograph: BBC

As 23-year-old student Zarina watches Real Housewives of Isis on a phone amid the bustle of Whitechapel market in the east end of London, she puts her hand to her mouth and gasps before bursting into laughter.

On the screen a hijab-wearing character models a suicide vest for her fellow jihadi wives. “What do you think?” she asks. “Ahmed surprised me with it yesterday.” The pal reacts by excitedly posting a picture on Instagram, saying: “Hashtag OMG. Hashtag Jihadi Jane. Hashtag death to the west, ISIS emoji.”

Real Housewives of Isis

The comedy sketch – aired this week as part of BBC2’s new comedy series Revolting – has come under fire from some viewers who have called it “morally bankrupt” and insensitive, while others have accused the BBC of making “Hijabis feel more isolated [and] targeted by Islamophobes”. Comedians, however, have said that reaction to the sketch is part of a growing culture of offence which – alongside stories that overhype the reaction – are in danger of stifling one of Britain’s most successful exports: its satire.

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  1. That’s not funny for me as a Muslim woman that this subjective program misdirect ppl about us: Disinformation’s given about daily Muslim life by showing Muslims as terrorists to entertain non-Muslims against us
    BBC should show English funny things to entertain ppl in the world if it want to make ppl laugh against the others
    Be careful, Ummah of Muhammad isn’t all British and/or Daes that’s produced by western approach to abuse Islam by using some ppl whom I don’t know.
    So much misinformation about Muslims/Islam has been delivered in this way that’s not good to live&rest in peace, it would cause to increase hatred crime to terrorise in the West
    BBC shouldn’t mock the others and/or British Muslims at all
    Otherwise, West will reap what the media sow, thus this program should be cancelled to make terrorist be gone around

    • Please, have a sense of humour. This is very funny and satirical which is typical of the British comedy.

      Don’t you know and haven’t you seen the media making such fun of their own silly behaviours? Some of them are absolutely hilarious like this one.

      In fact, this comedy might have a positive side to it – put people off joining Daesh…., Insha’Allah!

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