Doctors Perform Groundbreaking Surgery for Stroke

Source: Time

BY Alexandra Sifferlin

Doctors at the Cleveland Clinic recently performed the first deep brain stimulation for stroke surgery in a patient. The experimental procedure could help people regain function that is typically lost to stroke.

About half of the 800,000 Americans who have a stroke every year end up disabled. Dr. Andre Machado, chairman of the Cleveland Clinic Neurological Institute, is hoping to change that through deep brain stimulation (DBS): By implanting electrodes into the brain that provide small electric pulses, people can regain control over movements lost to stroke.

“We are frustrated with the state of post-stroke care as it is today,” says Machado. “The goal is to give people better recovery to gain independence.”

People who are disabled by stroke can regain some motor function from physical therapy, but many will not recover all their movement.

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