UK: Interfaith Peace Symposium organized by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Cardiff attracts more than a hundred people from all faiths


ITV REPORT | 26 November 2016 at 5:23pm

Interfaith event aims to tackle extremism

More than a hundred people have attended an interfaith event in Cardiff, aimed at tackling extremism in society.

Organisers of the Interfaith Peace Symposium said they wanted to promote shared values across all faiths and help bring communities closer together.

Our message is ‘Love for all, hatred for none’.

What we want to do is to bring people together, to celebrate not only their common points but also their differences.

Humankind could do with more love and not hatred.


The peace conference is one of many being held across the UK, hoping to show that conversation can help prevent extremism.

In this troubled world that we’re living in, if we can bring communities together and if we can bring people from all different races and cultures and backgrounds and faiths, then we feel that we can try and bring a bit of peace in the community.


It is a message also being reflected in Amazon’s Christmas advert this year, which shows the friendship between a priest and an imam.

In the advert, the two friends – who share the same problem of pain from kneeling down – both order a surprise gift of a set of knee pads for each other.

Zubeir Hassam, who stars in the advert, says it has a positive message.

People can get on. We have differences, yes – nobody disagrees that we don’t have differences. But there are good points in everybody. And I think this advert definitely represents the very good points – that one can enjoy a cup of tea with his fellow priest and an imam together.

Last updated Sat 26 Nov 2016

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