Islamic fashion is the new trend online

Islamic fashion is the new trend online
By Mohammed Yacoob | 07:26 PM Thursday, 17 November 2016
  • Bengaluru startup takes Islamic fashion online.
  • claims to be Bengaluru’s first online Islamic store

Indian Muslims have limited choice offered to them through traditional ethnic stores, and it is this factor wants to fill

Like all other cultures, Islamic fashion has its uniqueness. Urban Muslims with better spending capacity and willingness to invest in high-end ethnic Islamic clothing have created a need for exclusive market.

Indian Muslims have limited choice offered to them through traditional ethnic stores, and it is this factor,  an Islamic fashion startup wants to fill. It wants to be one stop solution for Islamic fashion.

Founded by four professionals, from various sectors such as banking, IT and Sales and Marketing, the online portal promises

Nayeem Akhtar, the CEO and Co-founder and the brain behind was working for HDFC when he decided to do something about his dream.

He then got together which his friends Padmakar, Somashekhar and Amarnath, to start the first Islamic e-commerce store in Bengaluru, a year ago. The startup now has successfully set its vendors in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Rajkot, Kerala and Delhi too.

“While many people  think fashion to be the trend of wearing revealing clothing, something that they completely, forget is that fashion is also the art of creating a specific identity, this can be creative as well as sensitive to religion and cultures,” said Akhtar.

He further stated that fashion is not just concerned with looking “good”, but a statement that sends a powerful message to the people around.

Akhtar opined that the Indian Muslim Fashion Market is quite unorganised compared to that of other Muslim countries.

While the Muslim fashion is confined to the ethnic wear promoted by small ethnic clothing stores and manufacturers to a large extent, there has been not a single Pan-India Muslim fashion brand in the Indian Muslim Fashion Market, despite India being the home for the second largest Muslim population in the world.


The customers can now have a look at all the modern wear that too in Islamic culture and order. There choice is just a click away.


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