Month: October 2016


God knows every single letter, and perhaps God will accept my excuse and forgive my stumbling  in His bounty, generosity, munificence and excellence –there is no God but Him.                                                                — Ibn Rushd-12th century Andalusian philosopher  By Dr. Moin Qazi, India The issue of triple talaq or instant divorce has […]

Bulgaria imposes burqa ban – and will cut benefits of women who defy it

Bulgaria has become the latest European country to ban women from wearing veils covering their faces in public. Under the controversial new legislation, women who breach the ban will have their benefits cut. The Bulgarian parliament approved the law, backed by the nationalist Patriotic Front coalition. The party’s co-leader […]

Complex US-Pakistan relations

MUHAMMAD WAQAS | Published — Monday 3 October 2016 Muhammad Waqas   On the bilateral relations front, it is not just Pakistan’s simmering tensions with India that is making the headlines. Pakistan’s long and complicated relationship with the US is also back in the news. In a recent move, two […]

A slap Congress is beginning to regret

LINDA HEARD | Published — Monday 3 October 2016 Saudi Arabia’s response to legislation permitting the families of 9/11 victims to sue the Kingdom for compensation, which US President Barack Obama has characterized as setting a “dangerous precedent”, has been diplomatically low-key. “The erosion of sovereign immunity will have a […]