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  1. Dr. Todenhoefer’s comments: (sorry, Google translate):

    Peace, for Christ’s sake!
    Dear friends, this is the shocking video of our Syria trip. I have never been so depressed. The Syrian people are desperate for peace. Unfortunately, the government and most of the rebel leader. So far, died 101.000 Rebels, 105.000 government fighters and 87.000 civilians. About 120.000 more deaths are not documented.* the figures show: the war is not only from one side, but from both sides without mercy. Both commit war crimes. Because There’s no decent wars. The War is the crime. The Syrian people is entitled to a political solution. On the human rights and peace.

    ” you, Mr Obama, and you mr Putin, are the most powerful leaders of our world. Stop this horrific war! You are the only ones that can. Peace in Syria is your bloody duty. Also because of their massive involvement in the war.

    Ultimately there is only one way to end this apocalyptic disaster: you, Mr Obama, must finally the arms of the gulf states to stop the rebels and terrorists. And also your own arms. You have to, in return, Mr Putin, stop all the bombings. And from the government of Assad demand that in the constitution stipulates that the winner of the next presidential election just a legislature may rule. Nefertiti that would ensure a peaceful change of power.

    Just? The question is justified. But the unjust peace is better than the wisest of war. (Cicero). In the name of humanity and of the Syrian people, I ask you: stop the killing in Syria. With more arms, bombs and missiles – from whoever – is the conflict not to solve. You deeply devastated jt “

  2. My view: Do we need any more proof that there is a deliberate plan of ‘Destabilization and Destruction’? Yes, of course, the Arabs and other foreign fighters are also to blame to do exactly what the plan has them to do.

  3. Where do the weapons come from? Where do the funds come from? The bombs and bullets are not ‘made in Syria’ !

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