Canada: Hamilton City Council offers support to Muslim community

City Council offers support to Muslim community

City Council offers support to Muslim community

Hamilton’s mayor says an “attack against any one of us is an attack against us all”.

Fred Eisenberger’s motion of solidarity with the city’s Muslim community has been approved unanimously by City Council.

The move follows a hate crime arson of two weeks ago at a downtown Mosque.

The motion is in support of a charter, which originated with the National Council of Canadian Muslims, affirming that Islamophobia “has no place in Canadian society.”

The mayor says it’s about saying “we’re with them”, adding that anyone who is peace-loving and just here to raise their families and contribute to society deserves our support.

City Council has also ratified a number of decisions made at the committee level over the past couple of weeks.

That includes unanimous opposition to expanding the footprint of Terrapure’s Taro East landfill site.

The city doesn’t have the final say, but its position will be forwarded to the Environment Ministry which has the decision making power.

Plans to debt-finance, to the tune of 14 million dollars, a police forensic building in the downtown core have also received final approval in a vote of 12-to-4.

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