Pakistan Takes Notice Of Anti-Minority Television Content

Source: The Citizen:

NEW DELHI: The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) took notice of complaints that allege that two television channels have aired ‘provocative’ content against the minority Ahmadi community.

A statement by Pemra noted that a complaint was registered against New TV’s ‘Harf-e-Raz’ and Channel 92’s ‘Subha-e-Noor’ shows by Anjuman Ahmadiyya Pakistan president along with “a large number of complaints from the general public.”

The complaint alleges that content of the two shows is “provocative against a minority whose members are already threatened, harassed and have suffered a number of terrorist attacks in the past”.

“The complainants have also mentioned that such programming serves no national interest and is rather incitement to violence against minorities which is in violations of National Action Plan and Pemra laws,” a statement by Pemra said. Pemra has forwarded the complaint to the Council of Complaints in Lahore for further action, noting that content promotes “disharmony among people”.

Ahmadis — who are the minority in question in the complaint — are a persecuted community in Pakistan. The Ahmadis consider themselves Muslim, but are categorised as non-muslim under the constitution for disputing the claim that Prophet Muhammad was the last messenger of Islam. The community has been banned from mosques in Lahore as groups accused them of “posing as Muslims.” One of the most violent attacks against the Ahmadis was in 2010, when Taliban insurgents attacked two Ahmadis mosques in Lahore killing more than 85. In addition to violent attacks, the minority sect is often targeted by the use of the blasphemy law against them, a recent example being the arrest of Masood Ahmad, a member of the Ahmadi sect, after he was secretly videoed reading a translation of a verse from the Quran a few years ago.


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