Boy sends card to grandad in heaven, and gets reply

Source: The Local

Boy sends card to grandad in heaven, and gets reply

Manuela T. couldn’t believe her eyes when a package arrived in the post addressed to her young son last Friday, the Rheinische Post (RP) reports.

A few days earlier, the boy from Rhineland-Palatinate had attached a card addressed to his grandfather to a helium balloon and let it fly up into the sky.In the letter, Phil asked his Opa how he was doing up in heaven and told him that he hoped everyone up there was being nice to him.“He was always talking about his grandfather and couldn’t get over his death,” Manuela told the newspaper.The family had expected that to be the last of it, but then the package arrived. When Phil opened it, he found a letter and a teddy bear inside.“Dear Phil, your balloon flew so high that it reached me in heaven. With luck I was able to catch it,” the letter read.“I’m giving you this bear to comfort you when you’re sad. Don’t worry about me, I’m doing well even though I miss you a lot. Love, Opa.”Manuela told RP that, when she read the letter to him, he broke out in tears.


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