Ahmadi (Muslim) man gives call to prayer at White House

Tribune: Although the Ahmadi community is one of the most persecuted minorities in Pakistan, they enjoy religious freedom and full rights in the United States.

Qasim Rashid, a human rights attorney and author, took to Facebook to highlight this point by posting a video of himself giving the call to prayer at the White House. He and others from the community had been invited on Thursday to the White House reception to celebrate Eidul Fitr.

“Today I had the privilege of calling the Adhaan, ie The Islamic call to prayer, at the White House,” Rashid said in a Facebook post.

In a first: Anti-Ahmadiyya advert in mainstream media

2 replies

  1. @POTUS: @TMT: Islamophobia/Muslim phobia:- Typecast, ignorance of the contents of the Koran; under the psychological control of the Jews through the Koran; covering up the jews sworn aim of World Domination; (through the use of the Bible and Koran [both are extensions of the jews scriptures – through translation/transliteration]).

  2. @POTUS: @TMT: Typical example of self-imposed ignorance, forcing themselves down other peoples throats, (a ploy of the jews for centuries, prior to the Bible and Koran coming into existence as translated extensions of the jews scriptures.

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