A special place in hell is not enough for women like these

Source. ET

God forbid if we see a woman wearing jeans/go without a dupatta.

Two or three days ago, a young woman was accosted by an older woman for ‘not wearing appropriate attire’. You can see what the poor young woman was wearing here. Not that that’s important. But, anyway. 

This older woman harassed this young lady (who wanted her identity to be protected, so we’ll call her MJ) and continued to touch her despite her requests. She later threatened MJ, stating that she ‘knew her license plate’ and MJ threatened to lodge an FIR against her and eventually the woman’s husband, a seemingly more neutral fellow, managed to get his wife to apologise to MJ.

MJ’s incident reeks of the dangerous precedents that sexism creates in our society. It starts with ‘hey, that red lipstick is too dark!’ and ranges from ‘don’t wear a skirt, someone will rape you’ to ‘I’ll kill you because you dishonoured me’. It speaks of a larger, more frightening, and more widespread phenomenon where the ghairat brigade holds the baton of morality and wants to charge on everyone, claiming that their own version of truth and honour must be followed by everyone – especially every woman.


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  1. But who has the authority to declare hell or paradise for some one basing on dress code. Lets not interfere with domain of God. He is merciful and forgiving.

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