Toronto fraudster Nuzhat Mamoon handcuffed in the court – defrauded 8 people of $100,000

Mississauga woman used charity to defraud ‘vulnerable’ victims: Judge

Mississauga News, May 11, 2016 

A Mississauga woman used a charity she set up for needy women to help her meet “vulnerable, financially unsophisticated” people who she went on to defraud of close to $100,000, a judge has ruled.

“Ironically, her explanation that she started the charitable organization to assist poor women is the real purpose for which she used it – and she was that woman,” Justice David Edwards said Wednesday in reading his 62-page ruling finding Nuzhat Mamoon, 48, guilty of one count of defrauding the public in relation to eight victims. “She had virtually no other income and a family to support.”

The conviction came following a two-week judge-alone trial.

Mamoon’s bail was revoked after Edwards’ ruling and she was taken back into custody.


Toronto fraudster Nuzhat Mamoon handcuffed in the court – defrauded 8 people of $100,000

Weekly Urdu Post, Canada May 19, 2016  page 5

Toronto – Toronto fraudster Nuzhat Mamoon aka Umme Rubab was handcuffed in the court recently and her bail was revoked. The case against her was in the courts for the last two years. The court ordered that she was a flight risk and may whisk away to Pakistan where she is supposed to have properties. Many people had contacted Fraud Bureau detailing the way how she had defrauded them.

Nuzhat Mamoon is 49 years of age, is mother of 4 children. She had introduced herself in the Pakistani community as Umme Rubab. She would tell innocent victims that she was loaded with money. That she operated a charitable organization from March 2012 to December 2013. The purpose for this was to gain trust of naïve people. She defrauded 8 victims of $100,000/- who in the end were able to bring a case against her and had brought before the courts. She had no job, her full time job was to defraud people. In order to get money from people she would tell people she had a catering business, fashion shows, real estate agent and to some she told she would tell them to get him visas to live in Canada.

When she was handcuffed her daughter was in the court to see this spectacle. She ran huge advertisements in Urdu newspaper in Toronto, but never paid a cent for these advertisements. She took money from the sister of a well known Pakistani. To each person she would pretend to be what she was not. She would tell people that she owned a business with 300 stores, owned two restaurants. She told people how was connected to well to do personalities of Pakistan.

Urdu Post, Pakistan Times, Canadian Asian News ran successful campaigns to has such fraudster apprehended and put out of business. Nuzhat Mamoon was proverbial ‘benasi thug’.

She will be sentenced on June 3, 2016. Justice David Edward gave his ruling consisting of 62 pages.

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