Survey suggests majority of Britons think Islam is not compatible with British values

Tower Bridge

Aerial view of Tower Bridge and the River Thames at night. Photograph: Jason Hawkes/

Source: BBC

The majority of Britons believe Islam is not compatible with British values, a poll suggests.

The survey’s also found almost a third of those questioned believe Islam is a violent religion and promotes acts of violence in the UK.

However, it also suggests that younger people have a better understanding of Islam, compared to older people.

Just over two thousand British adults were questioned online by ComRes for the charity Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association.


But, it can easily become compatible, suggested reading

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The Muslim Times has the best collection to refute Islamophobia

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1 reply

  1. I agree that Islam is a violent religion and promotes acts of violence.
    2 reasons;

    1. Those who follow Holy Al Quran create a good Muslim, tolerance, peace, compassion, and prosperity.

    2. But those who follow the book of Hadith will create violence & conflict and poverty.

    So as long as Muslims believe in the book of Hadith as second source of Islamic teaching, Islam is not peaceful religion and mercy for all people.

    That is my belief or faith.
    Muslim need to reform the book of Hadith or all violent hadith have to be removed from the book of Hadith.

    Was Salam..

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