Pope Francis urges France to respect Muslim women’s right to wear hijab

Source: Albawaba News

Pope Francis has urged France to respect the right of Muslim women to profess their faith and wear the hijab just like Christians are allowed to wear the cross.

“If a Muslim woman wishes to wear a veil, she must be able to do so. Similarly, if a Catholic wishes to wear a cross … People must be free to profess their faith at the heart of their own culture not merely at its margins,” Francis told the French Catholic newspaper La Croix, according to The Guardian.

France is home to a Muslim community of nearly six million, the largest in Europe.

French Muslims have been complaining of restrictions on performing their religious practices.


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  1. Hijab isn’t just clothing, it’s an avenue for da’wah (as WhyIslam has been illustrating today). In the West, people feel more comfortable asking questions of me when I am wearing a scarf, maxi skirt, t-shirt, and cardigan in coordinating colours, as opposed to all black abaya and scarf, which tends to draw a LOT more attention in areas where Muslims are a minority. Isn’t the point to be obviously Muslim but not stand out overmuch? Also, when we talk about “hijab isn’t fashion”, we need to discuss the mentality behind what we wear, not the clothes themselves. As long as our clothing conforms to Islamic guidelines of modesty, there is no need to cast aside our individual cultural clothing for abaya. Pretty clothing that fits properly and looks good increases confidence and self-esteem, and seeing that they aren’t limited to wearing too-large black abaya can encourage sisters who want to wear hijab but are worried about looking “sloppy” while out and about or “unprofessional” in their workplaces.

    The way the hijab should be wore has been established in The Qur’an, cover yourself and let your scarf come over your bosom, not around your neck or fall behind your back, but over your bosom. This is the guidance for the Muslim women, from the Qur’an. So, my sisters in Islam when you see the multitude. Going wrong! You don’t have to follow and go along. Be a strong muslimah, Muslim woman, and say, I choose to obey ALLAH, I don’t have to follow. European, French, nor American fashion, which is only a means to obtain your money that could be used in these natural disasters. I prefer to reach my goal of saving my soul and truly be modest by wearing my loose, not tight form fixing western clothes design to attract the opposite sex. Wear your Islam design clothes, because I don’t have to go by the status quo. Cover your bosom, and let this society in its perverted way using style & fashion to. Deceive you away from the straight way of being a Muslim. A MUSLIM who has the responsibility of the children, to teach them the correct way to dress according to guidance from ALLAH.

    Absolutely beautiful when women in Islam know what Allaah has decreed for us. We are to obey Allaah first before we succumb to the ways of the west. Hijab is all encompassing and should be a reflection of our submission to the will of Allaah that at all times supersedes our wants and human desires. Islam has been perfected for us and does not change its laws to accommodate the times we live in. We need to understand that this world is merely a sojourn and that the hereafter is our destination for eternity. By pleasing Allaah we can continually strive to achieve what Allaah promises us in the hereafter. All we are and can ever be is only through the will of Allaah. Our weakness as humans and shaytaan plot to mislead us from the truth is part of this journey and the multitude of tests we will face to ensure that we remain true to what has been prescribed by Allaah is what we should strive to pass. Ya Rub do not let us fall prey to the ideologies of those who are misguided and refuse to acknowledge the absolute truth of this beautiful and complete way of life you have ordained and prescribed for us. Let the day come when we as your slaves stand together as one and uphold that which has no doubt …your word Al Quran and the Sunnah of our beloved Rasool (SAW).

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