BBC is ‘too Christian,’ more room should be granted to Muslims, Hindus & Sikhs

Source: RT

BBC is ‘too Christian,’ more room should be granted to Muslims, Hindus & Sikhs – internal report

An internal review within the BBC has concluded that the network is too Christian in terms of its religious output and should diversify in order to fit ‘the religious make-up’ of British society, in which the number of Muslims has doubled in the past decade.

Aaqil Ahmed, head of BBC’s religion and ethics department, has filed a report with the company’s director general, Lord Hall, describing the imbalance in the BBC’s religious output, The Sunday Times reports.

“Christianity remains the cornerstone of our output and there are more hours dedicated to it than there are to other faiths,” Ahmed told the daily, adding that the output in this area is not static and that Muslim, Hindu and Sikh programming should be increased.




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  1. BBC is British, It’s time these narrow minded people stopped copying the jews, shoving their imaginary faith in Judaism down the throats of other people already positioned with the same rubbish.

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