After Sadiq Khan’s win, the internet points out hypocrisy on Pakistan’s part


Source: Dawn

When news broke last night that Sadiq Khan has been elected London’s first Muslim mayor, celebrations began the world over — most notably in Pakistan, where Sadiq Khan’s family originates from.

Khan, a former human rights lawyer and Labour government minister, is the son of a Pakistani immigrant who came to Britain in the 1960s. Though his father worked as a bus driver, he wanted something better for his children.

Sadiq Khan’s extraordinary rise to prominence in politics has been hailed as an inspiration to immigrants everywhere. Pakistanis have been quick to highlight his religion and also his Pakistani roots. Pakistani TV channels and newspapers (including this publication) ran stories that stressed his background and social media buzzed with congratulatory messages. This is the freshest instance of our tendency to embrace the success of anyone of Pakistani origin, from pop sensation Zayn Malik to boxer Amir Khan, as our own.

At the same time, several people pointed out how Sadiq Khan’s success in England would’ve been very hard to replicate in a Pakistani context.

However, it is still worth noting that Sadiq Khan’s win serves as an important symbol for minorities across the world: that they, too, can aspire to high politic offices in the hope of making a difference.

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