Prophet Muhammad’s Covenants with Christians

The historic covenants the Prophet Muhammad made with Christians could lead to greater tolerance and understanding today, according to a new research paper.

Craig Considine, a sociology lecturer from Rice University, researched and analyzed many of the covenants Prophet Muhammad made with Christians during his life, coming to the conclusion that the prophet believed deeply that civic rights and freedom of religion were integral to the success of any so-called “Muslim nation”. Considine has extrapolated from his data that the same principles espoused by the prophet can and should be used in contemporary settings to further better, more democratic relations between Muslims and Christians not just in Islamic centers of civilization, but around the entire world.


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  1. When I read this article….I am filled with goosebumps – all of the generous adjectives used to describe the Prophet (pbuh) are accurate here. Benevolent. Generous. Wise. To name just a few. The world thrives upon trade and mutual respect. Islam had a golden age. Perhaps with Khilafah – Islam will again rise to such prominence. Perhaps we will have another golden age. Perhaps Islam is to become the administrator, guardian, and ruler of mankind. It is a wonderful thought – based on these covenants.

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