Jimmy Carter’s essay on quitting church is suddenly viral

jimmy carter

President Jimmy Carter. For the Muslim Times collection of articles for Women Rights, please click here

NEW YORK, (Reuters) – Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter can still command people’s attention. His 2009 column on why he quit his church for women’s rights  — “Losing my religion over equality”  —  has abruptly gone viral.

Carter, 90, a Nobel Peace laureate and longtime human rights champion, has campaigned to end violence and discrimination against women since leaving the White House in 1981, calling it “the human and civil rights struggle of our time”.

Carter’s campaign for the better treatment of women and girls globally has never stopped and last year his book, “A Call to Action: Women, Religion, Violence and Power,” was published calling on world leaders for action.

Ensnared in religious beliefs and traditional customs that often trump civil law, women’s rights are under constant assault across the globe, Carter told Reuters.

He has drawn up a list of 23 gender-based issues he wants addressed, from child marriage to honor killings – but for him, one is of particular worry.


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For the Muslim Times collection of articles for Women Rights, please click here

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    • Ex President Carter has got everything and entirely correct. Only the Holy Qu’ran has had a complete chapter dedicated to the cause of women in a very detailed exposure. The Chapter is Chapter 4 and only every commandment with regards to all the points raised by The Honourable ex President are found in this Chapter. Since the inception of any religion, not ONE single Holy Scripture has dedicated even a few phrases with regards to women except for the Holy Qu’ran.

      It is now up to these so called Muslim Clerics who carry out absurdities on women to answer not to us but to God, The Almighty and The Omnipotent………… Playing with the beautiful teachings of true and peaceful Islam is indeed a very dangerous path to tread upon.

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