Uneducated Kenyan Muslims smarter than Trump and Many Republicans


Every human life is precious and sacred. Any one who saves a life would be as if he or she has saved the whole of humanity; by his or her example. (Derived from Al Quran 5:32/33)

Muslims shield Christians when Al-Shabaab attacks bus in Kenya

(CNN) Their M.O. is a tried and terrifying one: Launch a raid, single out Christians, and then spray them with bullets.

But when Al-Shabaab militants ambushed a bus Monday, things didn’t go according to plan.

A group of Kenyan Muslims shielded the Christian passengers and told the attackers they were prepared to die together.

The Muslim passengers, who were mostly women, told the Islamic militants to kill them all or leave them alone, witnesses said.

Read further and watch a video in CNN

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