‘What Canada is about’: country gives a warm embrace to Syrian refugees

By William Marsden, The Washington Post

MONTREAL – Several weeks ago, Danielle Létourneau, a Quebec actress, found herself in her kitchen reading on social media some disturbing reactions to the Paris terrorist attacks and the Canadian government’s decision to welcome at least 25,000 Syrian refugees over the next few months.

“I began reading comments that were paranoid and illogical, saying that they [the Syrians] were potentially terrorists coming to Canada,” she recalled. “I found it completely irrational and not worthy of Canadians. I felt like I didn’t recognize myself as a citizen.”

She began thinking about what she could do to help reverse what she saw as a dangerous backlash that could scuttle the government’s refugee settlement plans.

She came up with the unlikely idea of knitting 25,000 wool tuques — or hats — to be presented as a welcoming gift for every refugee.


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