Dr Abdus Salam letter to Nigeria Jam’at 1981

Nobel Laureate Dr. Abdus Salam’s letter to Nigerian Jama’at in 1981

When Dr. Abdus Salam received Nobel Prize in physics in 1979, many heads of States and universities held meetings to honor him for this remarkable achievement. In Nigeria a leading university of the North, held such a meeting. After attending this meeting Prof. Salam visited Lagos, capital of Nigeria. He was received at the airport by Government officials as well as an Ahmadiyya delegation which was headed by Maulana Muhammad Ajmal Shahid, then missionary in-charge Nigeria Jama’at. In Lagos Dr. Salam had a full slate of activities. Pakistan embassy arranged a dinner to recognize his services for Pakistan.

A sumptuous dinner was arranged in his honor at the Central Ahmadiyya Mission House. The old mission house which was located in the middle of Lagos was constructed by Hakeem Fazlur Rahman, maternal uncle (manoo-jan) of Dr. Salam. Maulana Ajmal Shahid, explained to Dr. Salam that due to rapid increase in the number of members, and due to on-going needs of the community, an Ahmadiyya settlement is planned near the Lagos airportwhich will include a new mission house and living quarters for members. Dr. Salam readily agreed to go to the site to see the place at such a short notice.

On December 21, 1981 when Dr. Salam was supposed to depart for London, Maulana Ajmal Shahid accompanied Dr. Salam to the proposed site. Dr. Salam was delighted to see the under construction mission house, hospital and several other buildings. All those present on the occasion prayed earnestly for the success of the project.

During his journey back to London, Dr. Salam wrote a letter in which he expressed his joy for having had the opportunity to visit the new mission house and surroundings buildings. He referred to Maulana Ajmal Shahid as “Hakeem-e-sani”, the second Hakim. He was referring to Hakeem Fazlur Rahman, who had the built, the old mission some 50 years ago.


Below is the English translation of Urdu letter

Bismillahar-Rahmanar-Rahim – NahmaduhuwanusallialaRasool-e-karim – waalaabdehail –al-masih al-Mauood

While travelling – 21 December 1981

Respected Ameer sahib,

Assalamoalaikumwa –rahmatullahwa-barakatuhu

I pray that Allah may keepyou safe and sound in every respect. I could not congratulate you on the construction of new buildings. The project is impressive, may Allah the Almighty bless this immensely. You truly are Hakeem-e-sani.

Please convey my gratitude to yourwife as well. Last night dinner was sumptuous. Likewise extend my affectionate greetings to all members of the Jama’at. I will  forevercherish their love and sincerity. Give my greetings to MaulanaSaqib sahib. I pray for the success of your Annual Gathering. Is the JalsaSalana going to be held at the new Mission House?

May Allah bless your efforts even more. I feel embarrassed that I could not spend more time with you. Inadvertently I could not tell you that before my travel I was going through various tests at the hospital, even now I had to rush back for reason of going to hospital appointment.

Sincerely yours,

Abdus Salam


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  1. What is extraordinary about this letter or the story itself? The man was feted in Lagos and later went to the site of a new complex. Thereafter, he wrote thanking his host for a sumptuous dinner. So what?

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