Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission Ghana: “Don’t allow mosques to be used for partisan politics”

Source: graphic.com.gh 


The Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission, Ghana, has appealed to Imams not to allow themselves and their mosques to be used for partisan politics.

According to the General Secretary of the Mission, Alhaji Ahmad Anderson, developments in Wa Central in the run-up to the National Democratic Congress (NDC) presidential and parliamentary primaries, where some Imams allowed themselves and their mosques to be used to play partisan politics was a source of great concern.


The mission alleged that some contestants directly and indirectly caused their religious leaders to lampoon their opponents in mosques and on radio stations that they were kafirs (unbelievers) who were unfit for political power.

According to the Ahmadiyya Mission, these imams and their cohorts openly described their opponents as kafirs who did not deserve to be given power and that their preferred candidates who were orthodox Muslims and true believers in the constituency ought to have political power.

The General Secretary of the Mission, Alhaji Ahmad Anderson, in a press release, urged the National Peace Council and the National Security to take the necessary steps to protect the peace of the area before the situation worsens.

Religious extremism

He also kicked against the introduction of religious sectarianism into politics, saying it was dangerous and would not augur well for the political dispensation in the country.

He explained that these types of hate speeches were the small beginnings of religious extremism and fanaticism which had caused unrest and ultimately destabilised many countries.

He, therefore, said this must not be allowed to gain roots in the country.

‘’ Such preachers and their political beneficiaries ought to be identified and brought to book before it is too late since evidence of the hate speeches are on tape recorders and can easily be obtained,’’ Alhaji Anderson stressed.

He urged all well-meaning and peace-loving Ghanaians to stand up against such divisive acts and should not allow them to persist.

The General Secretary said Ghana was a secular country and that religious sectarianism should not be introduced into the body politics of the country, adding that the earlier it was nipped in the bud the better.

Alhaji Anderson said such people by their actions could easily disturb the relative peace Ghanaians were enjoying if they were not stopped.

– See more at: http://graphic.com.gh/news/politics/54294-don-t-allow-mosques-to-be-used-for-partisan-politics-ahmadiyya-muslim-mission.html#sthash.vpOj530m.dpuf

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