Imam Shamshad A. Nasir from Ahmadiyya Muslim community represents Islam at Interfaith meeting in UCC Glendale Heights, IL

“Islam has no relevance with Violence and Terrorism”, said Imam Shamshad

Report by Nadeem Raza Chicago


There was an interfaith meeting in UCC Glendale Heights, IL on Sunday October 18th. Imam Shamshad A. Nasir from Ahmadiyya Muslim community was invited to represent Islam.

There were a good number of people in the church who took keen interest in this meeting. A question answer session also held after the presentations and Imam Shamshad A. Nasir explained to the audience what’s the Islamic perspective is about the current situations of restlessness in the world.


Imam Shamshad while representing Islam, mentioned about pillars of faith and peaceful Islamic Teachings. He said as we need our meals multiple times every day, we also need to maintain relationship with God for our spiritual health. Muslims get their spiritual food by saying prayers five times a day. He further explained there are two circles in all religions, one covers to those who only says that they are believers but don’t practice the beautiful religious teachings which ensures peace and harmony in the society. The other circle covers those people who not only believe but also makes sure that their acts are according to what they are preached to do in the divine guidance. Same is with Islam, said Imam Shamshad. He elaborated if someone is not following the principles even after joining Islam or any other religion, this is between him and the Lord Almighty but no one can label whole community as terrorists or violent on account of few fanatic and radical people.


There was another Muslim speaker who also explained about Islam. He also mentioned two major sects in Islam, Sunni and Shia Muslims. People remained attentive to both the presenters all the time.


Islam is all about peace, Imam Shamshad A. Nasir emphasized in his presentation. One has to be good human being first to be a good Muslim per the Islamic teachings.


He presented book Path to peace to Rev Scott. Oberle, at the end of the session. This book contains the recent address of Mirza Masroor Ahmad, the supreme leader of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community which he delivered to the British parliament, Capital Hill and other places in Europe This address is also about the current situations of the world and specially middle East, it also contains Letters of his holiness, to President Obama, Prime minister of Israel and Pope as well.


Number of people met specially to Imam Shamshad after the session is over and appreciated him for his eye opening presentation.


Such sort of gatherings are really helpful to promote peace in society and to eliminate misunderstandings between different faiths.

One of the organizers of this interfaith event Jan Remer-Osborn, Ph. D shared the following feelings with Imam Shamshad:

I can’t say how much we appreciated your outstanding understandable and topic presentation on Islam, improved interreligious dialogue and peace. Thank you also for bringing guests, especially the two young men. I have share with many people the hospitality you showed to me during Ramadan, and I hope you felt at least in some measure, as welcomed at our church as I did at yours. I am also grateful that you were able to keep your commitment to us during what appeared to be a day full of activities!

Mr N.Sahi, Mr K.Qadri Mr Usman, Mr Ammar Malik and Mr Nadeem Raza also visited UCC with Imam shamshad.

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