Toronto: Radio interview of Prof. Dr. Abdus Salam July 1980

In 1980 Prof. Abdus Salam visited Madison, Wisconsin USA where he delivered a lecture at the University. Zakaria Virk was fortunate to meet him there with his family. subsequently Prof. Salam travelled to New York. Zakaria Virk approached the owner of Toronto Indian program Mr. Lali Vij to have Prof. Salam interviewed. He was gracious to agree to do this because no Pakistani radio was willing afraid to invite the wrath of religious scholars. Dr. Narinder Nath (Sociology professor at SUNY) was assigned to do the interview via telephone.

After a lapse of 35 years now this historic interview is available for thousands of people who adore Prof Salam, and look up to him for guidance and inspiration. Thousands of students studied physics because Prof Salam was guiding light for them and still has been.

Urdu transcript is available in the book Ramooze Fitrat, pages  173-177.


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