Jordan’s foreign policy has proved most effective region-wise — Momani

By Khetam Malkawi – Aug 04,2015 – JORDAN TIMES

AMMAN — Despite regional turmoil and uncertainty, Jordan has consistently maintained a prudent foreign policy that guaranteed the Kingdom a “prominent place on the table, becoming centre for strategic decision making”, a senior official has said. 

“We have proved to be the most effective country in dealing with the security and political challenges in the region,” said Minister of State for Media Affairs and Communications Mohammad Momani during a visit to The Jordan Times on Monday.

During the meeting, the minister went over the key issues, challenges and achievements made by Jordan and the country’s future outlook (see stories on page 3).

Elaborating on this, Momani noted that Jordan’s stance towards the Syrian crisis has been clear since the beginning, when Jordan called for a “political solution” to the crisis.

As for the Palestinian cause, the spokesperson reiterated that it remains the core issue in the Middle East regardless of the regional developments.

He also underlined the Kingdom’s efforts to combat terrorism, explaining that Jordan is confronting terrorism militarily and ideologically, and reiterating that this is the war of Arabs and Muslims against terrorist groups manipulating Islam.

“We should confront terrorism through using the media and social media, the same way we confront it militarily,” Momani said, adding that there is a national effort and a task force working to fight this “ideology of darkness”.

The minister also called for distinguishing between freedom of speech and acts violating the law, stressing that in Jordan “we believe that there should be a space for media freedoms” and this is a main pillar for the national security.

Momani, who is also government’s spokesperson, said Jordan is militarily committed to supporting regional efforts in combating terrorism.

In its war against terrorism, Jordan is an “effective” member of the international coalition that is fighting the so-called “Daesh” terror group, while it is a member in the Saudi-led collation that is supporting legitimacy in Yemen.

In addition, the Kingdom is in contact with Iraq to provide support whenever needed, Momani said.

The minister stressed that fighting terrorism necessitates drying up terrorists’ resources of funds and weapons, adding that “Jordan has an advanced role in this regard.”

As for the Russian initiative that was called for by President Vladimir Putin last month, suggesting an anti-terror regional alliance that involves Jordan, the minister said the initiative has not crystallised.

The initiative named Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Syria as partners in the proposed alliance.

Momani said that Jordan welcomes any initiative that seeks to fight terrorism in the region and end the crisis in Syria through political means.

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  1. Has Jordan’s foreign policy proved so effective? Or is it simply that those flooding the region with weapons and imported terrorists decided – lucky for Jordan – not to include Jordan in their ‘help’?

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