Women Rights: One of the Muslim Times’ Core Values


“But whoso does good works, whether male or female, and is a believer, such shall enter Heaven, and shall not be wronged even as much as the little hollow in the back of a date-stone.” (Al Qur’an 4:125)


Diversity and Modesty among Muslim women

Diversity and Modesty among Muslim women.  The Muslim Times’ (TMT) collection on women’s rights

No, Islam Is Not Inherently Misogynistic. Here’s Why.

Source: Huffington Post By Bina Shah; She is a writer of English fiction and a journalist living in Karachi, Pakistan. She is the author of four novels and two collections of…

Younger generation of British Muslims showing shift in attitude to gender roles

Source: The Guardian Thinktank report shows majority of 16 to 24-year-old UK Muslims disagree that ‘a husband’s job is to earn money, a wife’s is to look after the home…

Richard Dawkins mansplains feminism to Muslim women, Bhutto hits back

Dawn: Prominent thinker Richard Dawkins stepped into yet another messy debate online when he tweeted “Islam needs a feminist revolution. It will be hard. What can we do to help?”…

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