Indonesia: Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Bukit Duri performs Friday prayers in peace after years of closure

A lot of worshipers turned up for Friday prayers where  Maulana Muhammad Diantono acts as the Ahmadiyya imam and preacher. 

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Source/Credit: Warta Ahmadiyah
By Warta Ahmadiyah | June 19, 2015

After over 5 years of blockade of Masjid An-Nur located in Bukit Duri, the mosque eventually opened in orderly fashion this Friday and the members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of several locations performed Friday prayers at the mosque in peace and may start conducting worship in peace.

Nearly a hundred worshipers turned up for the Friday prayers led by Maulana Muhammad Diantono, the Ahmadiyya Imam and Khatib (preacher).

Although a week ago on Friday members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat could not use the mosque because some people from an extremist group known as FPI prevented their worship, today there were no longer any signs of intimidation.

There were representatives from the human right groups to monitor the worship activities of the Friday prayers and some members of the media were also seen covering the worship activities.

Also, as many as two local police platoon were also visible to prevent any chaos and maintain security.

Ahmadi members hope Masjid An Nur could continue to be used in peace.

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  1. May Allah bless and reward all those that made these prayers possible. And May Allah protect this mosque and those who pray in it for eternity to come!

    Alhamdolillah he rabbil alameen ! All praise is due to Allah for making this possible.

  2. This means that the President Widodo is really for justice and peace. May Allah bless him

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