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The conflict in Syria has now entered its fifth year, and yet there is still no end in sight. The scale of the human suffering has surpassed even our worst estimates. Many inside Syria are facing a daily battle for survival, living in fear and misery. For the four million refugees who have managed to leave Syria for Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan, they find themselves living on the absolute edge of what is humanly acceptable, their future being uncertain and the immediate outlook seemingly bleak.

Yet, even in these circumstances, Humanity First is trying to sow the seeds of hope. For the past year Humanity First has been funding and operating two schools for Syrian refugee children in Jordan; one is a pre-school in Mafraq and the other a senior school in Amman. Humanity First’s assessment has found that education for Syrian refugee children is being neglected by other NGOs. Whilst schools are provided inside the refugee camps, 66% of refugees live outside of these camps, and whilst these children should be able to attend Jordanian Government schools, only a minority are able to do so. Our two schools are playing an important part in the rehabilitation of these children, not just by providing education but by trying to heal the traumatic stresses of war which remains within these children.

Mafraq School

The objective of the Mafraq pre-school is to prepare children for the Jordanian school system. The school has 100 children enrolled between the ages of 5 and 10 years.  The school operates weekdays from 9am to 1pm daily and has four classrooms with 8 teachers and 50 desks. It is our intention that all children passing through school can be successfully prepared to enter the Jordanian schools system. The school has received strong local support from local politicians and has been inspected by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Social Affairs in Jordan.

Amman Senior School

The objective of the Senior School is to prepare students to enter any university worldwide. The school currently has enrolled 150 pupils aged between 17 and 20 years. It is run weekdays from 3pm to 7pm and from 9am to 5pm on Saturdays. The school has six classrooms with 15 teachers and 80 desks. The school provides for education in both arts related and scientific subjects. Our partner in this school is Al Gharaa Charitable Organisation which has a good reputation in Jordan. In the current graduating intake, 27 students have secured admission to Universities and Colleges.

How You Can Help

These two schools have been funded by Humanity First until end August of this year. We are now appealing for funds to operate these two schools for the next year, from September 2015 to June 2016.  The annual cost of running the Mafraq pre-school is US$50,000 and the annual cost of the Amman senior school is US$130,000 (of which 50% is provided by our partner in this project, Al Gharaa Charitable Organisation, a Jordanian NGO). Hence the total annual running cost is US$115,000.

The impact we have had on the lives of some of the Syrian children who have attended our schools can be seen by viewing a short video on our website

It costs £350 to fund a child in our schools for a year. Please give whatever you can to help us give these children the hope of a brighter future.

Rahan Shaheen, Director of Fundraising

Humanity First is a registered UK charity involved in disaster relief and development work across the world. At any one time we are engaged in several appeal campaigns raising funds to finance a variety of deployments and projects across our different programmes. Whilst it is our intention that your donation will be used to fund the specific programme or need that you have indicated, if monies raised exceed funding requirements for that specific programme or need or if for any other reason it is not possible for monies to be spent effectively for that specific programme or need, Humanity First may use all or part of your donation to help us respond to other needs within our programme portfolio.

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Please take a look at our campaign video

Young Syrian Refugees preparing for University Entrance examination in Amman, Jordan

Young Syrian Refugees preparing for University Entrance examination in Amman, Jordan

Mafraq Jordan Humanity First's Pre-Schoolers. Overcoming the Trauma of war.

Mafraq Jordan Humanity First’s Pre-Schoolers. Overcoming the Trauma of war.

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