Saudi woman deflates husband’s tyres over second wife

Last month a Saudi woman racked up SR300,000 in traffic fines over husband’s second marriage

PUBLISHED: 10:30 JUNE 2, 2015 02Gulf News


Manama: A woman who thought her husband was seriously planning to take another woman felt she found the perfect solution to exact revenge on him by deflating his car tyres on five consecutive days.

The husband reportedly was joking with his wife one day and told her he was thinking about getting married again.

However, the wife thought he was serious and that he would go ahead with his plan to take a second wife, local news site Al Marsad reported on Tuesday.

Short of ways to put pressure on him to make him change his mind, she decided to deflate a tyre of his car parked in the garage. The husband had to deal with the situation, but was late to work.

The late-to-leave-the-house scenario was repeated for the next four days, causing the husband problems at work.

As he gave the tyre deflation problem more attention, he decided to check the possibility of his wife’s involvement, and parked the car overnight in front of the house, and not inside the garage.

The car was intact the next morning as he was going to work, Al Marsad said.


The husband confronted his wife and she admitted that she had deflated the tyres in revenge for his decision to take a second wife.

According to the news site, the husband swore that he would be serious about marrying another woman,

Online comments criticised both the husband and the wife for their “senseless behaviour” and their “absurd notion of revenge.”

Last month, a Saudi woman exacted the ultimate revenge on her husband for taking a second wife by implicating him in traffic fines worth around SR300,000 on his wedding night.

The disgruntled wife took her husband’s pickup as he was celebrating his second marriage and asked her brother to purposefully drive it through red lights where the licence number could be picked up by unforgiving cameras.

A video clip of the pickup driving through a red traffic light, getting caught by the camera, then reversing to repeat the violation went viral on the Net.

The brother and his sister reportedly spent much of the evening jumping red lights to register the highest number of fines by Saher, the system introduced by Saudi traffic authorities to check chaotic driving and monitor violations that included mainly jumping red lights.

Under the system used mainly in large cities, drivers are immediately fined for breaking regulations with penalties increasing in case fines are not paid within a specific period of time.

The clip of the pickup purposefully jumping red lights drew mainly cheers from social media users.


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