USA: Ahmadiyya Muslim Community to portray the peaceful message of Islam through Bus Ads


The American Freedom Defense Initiative will start advertising on buses in Philadelphia with the phrase “Islamic-Jew Hatred: It’s in the Quran.”


Quran teaches every human, not only Muslims, that the Quran is for all. The holy Quran teaches that life is sacred and reaffirms biblical teaching that whoever unjustly kills a single person is as if he had killed all of mankind; and whoever saves the life of one person is as if he has saved the life of all of humanity (5:33).

I’m not sure of the goal of these advertisements, I am an American Muslim and belong to Ahmadiyya Muslim Community here in Harrisburg. Our community has a good interfaith relationship with the Jewish community here in Harrisburg, and all over the America.  This kind of advertisement creates only anger and rift. Please stop these kinds of advertisements for the sake of unity and harmony of our society. I know there are few bad apples. They hijacked our real and true teachings of Islam and Quran.

As a response to this, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community will be putting out our own ads portraying the peaceful message of Islam specifically cited in the Quran such as:

“They [Jews & Christians] believe in God and the Last Day, and enjoin what is good and forbid evil, and hasten, vying with one another, in good works. And these are among the righteous.” Quran 3:115. And “Love for all, hatred for none.”

AKRAM KHALID, Harrisburg

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