Portrait of Ahmadiyya Muslim Founder A.S. on the eve of Annual Conference at Harvard University.

Source:Harvard University.

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The Seventh Annual Alwaleed Conference, Intra-Muslim Relations: Contemporary Trends in Contexts, will be held on Saturday and Sunday, April 11 and 12, 2015, in the Belfer Case Study Room, CGIS South Lower Level at 1730 Cambridge St. in Cambridge. The conference will convene scholars, activists, religious leaders, artists, educators, and conflict-resolution experts who will offer their thoughts on and analyses of contemporary trends in intra-Muslim relations. It has been designed to reflect several goals:

  • to examine the factors, both historical and contemporary, that affect relations among Muslim communities;
  • to stimulate scholarly attention on how communities evoke religious discourses to foster relations between communities, with special reference to efforts by Muslim communities to improve intra-Muslim relations;
  • to facilitate exchanges between scholars and practitioners for future constructive engagement;
  • to foster the generation and dissemination of information beneficial to communities and policymakers; and
  • to leverage the university as a vital civic institution that creates space for constructive, sustained dialogue across differences of religion, sect, nationality, ethnicity, and culture.

The proceedings will be open to audience discussion and will be taped for dissemination via our website and online Vimeo channel. We hope to encourage a robust and constructive dialogue on some important and pressing issues facing Muslim communities today.


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