France to double number of university courses teaching Islam to combat rise of extremism

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has announced plans to double the number of university courses teaching Islam, in an effort to counter the rise of Islamic extremism and far-right extremism.

The courses will be funded by the state, announced Valls, who said that education was central to stamping out the ignorance that is allowing “Islamist extremism and the far right feed off each other”.




Valls announcement, in the eastern city of Strasbourg on Tuesday, March 3, comes after the terror attacks in Paris in January, in which radical Islamist gunmen killed 17 people.


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  1. A few months probably in sept or october last year Hazrat khalifatul Messiah V(may Allah Help him) mentioned about the military intelligence Of Napoleon from the history.History makes ones wise.It is said old is Gold.Since now it is the age of pen and wars are forbidden to promulgate Islam.It is such a brilliant idea.French people are generally Genius,athletic ,wise politician and lawyers.In canada Quebec province is called mini France.We have toured Montreal and Ottawa In July.It is a worth scenic tour.We even toured the Parliament building from inside with the tourist guide.There are beautiful flower exhibitions ,an outdoor night show for the Public on in the lawn of the Parliament building.
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  2. Islam should be taught in all French schools as a compulsory subject by Muslim teachers. At the same time all Muslim children should be educated in state funded Muslim schools with Muslim teachers as role models during their developmental periods. There is no place for a non-Muslim child or a teacher in a Muslim school.

    The Famous English playwright George Bernard Shaw said: The world much needs a man with Mohammad’s bright thinking. If a man like Mohammad were to assume The rule of modern world, he would succeed in solving its problems and bring peace and happiness to it.. Almost all greatest thinkers praised Muhammad (PBUH) and his religion, if you cannot agree with them then you have your head buried deep in the dirt or your an intellectual dwarf have nothing against dwarves that’s how they were created but an intellectual dwarf you created yourself. One of the black companion of Prophet Muhammad named Bilal holds high status in Islam even though he was previously a slave . Prophet Muhammad ended all status and economic differences and taught the people about equal rights. Those who abuse and curse Islam are the ones who do not want to treat people equally and want to enjoy privilege by amassing wealth through blood sucking capitalism, and they are the ones who made fortune from the slave trading and i saw their grand sons in Paris train stopping a black man from stepping into train.

    Jihad means struggle. No-one disputes that the literal translation of Jihad is “struggle”. And there are those who believe that its true meaning is “inner spiritual struggle”. But, with the greatest respect, the issue is not how you or Sara Khan choose to interpret the term. The issue is what the mainstream understanding of the term has been throughout Muslim history. I’m really not sure that is the issue – most mainstream historical Christian understandings of homosexuality, divorce and putting people to death are now considered extreme. Apparently even Al Qaida considers IS to be extreme, so it hardly seems fair to have a go at someone else for saying the same thing. Almost any recourse to violence is now considered as extreme in Western societies, so why shouldn’t a Muslim citizen feel the same way? Religion is always a matter of interpretation and reflection. Young Muslims tell me that, despite shouting loud and clear that they are patriotic, they still experience anti-Muslim prejudice and are viewed with suspicion, as the enemy within.

    In the Middle Ages Catholics were busy slaughtering members of rival Christian sects and non Christians like the Jews and Muslims and all in the name of Jesus and with the promise of going to Heaven if they died fighting the Holy War, There were indeed some social, economic and political factors which help explain this outburst of violence, but historians do not doubt that the primary motive for the wars, and the explanation for the appalling brutality of the Crusaders ( did you know they used to roast and then eat captured Muslim children?) was because of their religious fanaticism and the promise of an instant passport to Paradise.

    • by the way: regarding the growth rate of Muslims versus Christians in Europe: The research published recently made only a small allowance for converts. Most increases are due to higher birth rates among Muslims.

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