Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Condemns Taliban Attack on Peshawar School

Rabwah Times: Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA condemns in the strongest terms today’s terrorist attack on Peshawar Government schools. Reports indicate at least 150 children have been killed and scores more injured. The Community mourns with the families and friends of those afflicted by this horrible atrocity. May God give them strength, patience, and fortitude to bear through this painful and shameful day. “As Muslims, as parents, and as human beings, we are devastated to hear of this horrific act of terror,” said Dr. Nasim Rehmatullah, National Vice President of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA, “and condemn the Taliban in the strongest terms possible. We once again call upon the Government of Pakistan to stop this injustice and to root out and end the Taliban’s reign of terror.” Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA prays for the departed and urges the U.S. State Department to help Pakistan in protecting and providing security to all its citizens. The Pakistan army has been carrying out a major offensive in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas, home to Tehreek-e-Taliban, since June, after an attack on the international airport in Karachi. Hundreds have been killed in the FATA and tens of thousands displaced.

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  1. In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious Ever Merciful
    I strongly enforce the feelings expressed by our National Naib Ameer Dr. Naseem Rehmatullah Sahib. Its a National loss and no words are too strong to condemn the Heinous crime. We share the grief with the parents of Children and with all the Relatives of shohada and pray that Allah may give the strength to bear this loss. Aameen.
    I have already discussed causes in my comments, “Murdering our own children” by Dr. Abdul Alim.
    Zarif Ahmad

  2. In this momment of sorrow and grief ahmadis share the the painof near and dear ones of the inocent victims. We condemn every act of cruelty and inhuman behaviour.

    May Allah Almighty give courage to the whole nation to stand against the religious extremism which gave birth to terrorism.

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