If Malala were an Ahmadi Muslim

By Mike Ghouse
I congratulated Malala for winning the Nobel Prize, and reminded her that she is not the first Pakistani to win the Nobel Prize. Dr. Abdus Salam has also won the prize and a great injustice is done to him by depriving him his place in Pakistan’s history.
As a Nobel Prize laureate she can consider working on getting him his rightful place in Pakistan. He is celebrated around the world for his research, and it is time Pakistan does it too. As a Muslim I celebrate you and Dr. Abdus Salaam.
A few years ago, when I was searching for Muslim Nobel laureates, I found Dr. Abdus Salam’s name, but Pakistan did not list him.
Here, I am trying to take pride in listing Muslims who have made it, and this country which was created for Muslims did not honor him properly, not only that they have desecrated his name and title on his headstone.
Is anyone going to do anything about it?
What’s wrong?
Justice for Sunni Muslims regardless of injustice to others is not Justice. Quran talks about justice for all – it talks about telling the truth even if it goes against you.
There are numerous examples set by Khulfa-e-Rashidun where they punished their own kith and kin for a complaint of injustice lodged by Jews, Christians, and others of that time.
What’s wrong with the Pakistani people to deny Ahmadiyya their rights, what is sad and shameful is the attitudes of Pakistani Americans living here in the United States who want to deprive Ahmadiyya from every possible human right. Should America do to them, what Pakistan does to Ahmadiyya? Do Pakistani American voices have strength?
We may have to ask Pew research to do a survey on whether Muslims understand the word Justice means justice for every party or just them. Second part of that survey could be on how much brainwashing is done to Pakistanis after Bhutto-Zia combine passed the laws declaring Ahmadi’s to be non-Muslims?
Had it not been for the laws, and had it not been for Maududi, would Pakistanis have developed so much hatred for fellow Pakistanis?
I felt saddened, when Dean Obeidallah (not sure his origin) on Facebook produced a picture of Muslim Nobel Prize Laureates that did not include Dr. Abdus Salam.
What I see is deliberate attempt of Pakistani Authorities to not give credit to an Ahmadi Muslim, that brainwashing has done it to Malala and Dean Obeidallah and many a current generation of Pakistani Muslims.
I wonder if Malala were an Ahmadi, or a future scientist from Ahmadiyya Muslim Community wins, would Pakistan deny him or her rightful place in their history.
If you read about Dr. Salam, despite the treatment, he preferred Pakistan, he was one of the greatest Patriots of Pakistan.

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  1. If Malala were an Ahmadi Muslim,she would be called a British agent.

    If Malala were an Ahmadi Muslim,she would be called a Jew agent.

    If Malala were an Ahmadi Muslim,she would be called the non-muslim.

    If Malala were an Ahmadi Muslim,Pakistani Mullah would
    that Qadiani and Jew lobby is behind her and her father.

    If Malala were an Ahmadi Muslim,there would be hardly any news in Urdu newspaper Jung.

    If Malala were an Ahmadi Muslim,she would be called unpatriotic and expatriate.

    If Malala were an Ahmadi Muslim ,Pakistani media would say there is nothing special about her.So many people have lost their lives in this cause.

    If Malala were an Ahmadi Muslim the media especially Urdu would say again another Qadiani.

  2. To be honest, I am a proud Ahmadi Muslim. I am very sad to hear about the murdering and prosecution of my beloved people almost all the time. Why are people trying to get rid of our belief when the whole world believes that “Muslims are terrorists”? I don’t get it. Why are our people getting thrown into jail and being martyred, when the whole world is concerned about ISIS? It makes NO SENSE. Pakistan should come to the point of realization, where their aim should be terrorists, not us. They are trampling on our human rights. The right to live. The right to have security. The right to believe and practice your own religion. But what’s going on? The bloodshed of Ahmadi Muslims. My point is that Muslims don’t deserve to be called terrorists or killed/ignored because of our belief. Those people who call themselves true Muslims by bombing and slaughtering have been interpreting the Qur’an in a negative way. Islam is a peaceful religion. But our world today have been ignoring this statement, and instead they believe in what society thinks; they haven’t been educated properly. The members of ISIS are NOT Muslims, at all. They claim themselves to be righteous but they kill their fellow Muslim brothers and sisters. What’s going on in Syria? ISIS is trying to claim Syria as their land by killing innocent people. Those innocent people are Muslims. They are currently being left helpless and vulnerable. I doubt anyone is reading this, because they just think what I’m trying to say is just bull. But if you are, please try to understand. If you are Muslim, or christian, or Hindu, or just anyone in particular, PRAY. I’m not saying those who don’t pray shouldn’t spread my (and many others’) word just because of whoever they are, I just want everyone in the world to think of Muslims as peaceful people. Fun fact: THEY ARE! Many people hear these kind of rants, but they continue to ignore this and continue living their lives without a peaceful voice. There are many Muslims out there, trying to spread this message. They are known as Ahmadi Muslims. Not only do we try spreading this message, but every other Muslims has been trying to reach out to the world. Whoever is reading this, please take this into consideration. May Allah bless you all!

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