Prince Hassan calls for encouraging interfaith dialogue

ROME — HRH Prince Hassan has called for encouraging interfaith dialogue as a way to celebrate religious diversity and culture, and focus on similarities rather than differences.

In an address at the opening of the the Third Catholic-Muslim Summit in Rome last week, the prince stressed the need to entrench the moral dimension.

He also called for placing humanity at the forefront of any other consideration, while developing a “hope” system that includes all marginalised people.

Prince Hassan, who is chairman of the Royal Institute for Inter-Faith Studies board of trustees, also called for re-establishing the international humanitarian system, which Jordan suggested and was adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1981 to place humans’ concerns at the core of national and global policies.

He suggested extending the system to apply a law on peace that govern humans’ well-being and establishing a global zakat fund to help the poor regardless of their religion or race.

The prince urged religious leaders to work towards guaranteeing human dignity, which should head all development efforts.

Organised by the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, the December 2-4 summit which provided a platform for Muslim and Christian leaders and scholars from around the world to discuss their views on interfaith and intercultural issues.

Several religious scholars and intellectuals delivered speeches that focused on the need to promote dialogue among followers of different religions and sects.

Heads of the delegates taking part in the summit, titled “Christian and Muslims: Believers Living in Society”, signed an appeal that called for spreading peace and fighting extremism through education.

Pope Francis met with participants at the Vatican and expressed his support of the summit and its cause.


HRH Prince Hassan attends the opening of the Third Catholic-Muslim Summit in Rome last week (Petra photo)

HRH Prince Hassan attends the opening of the Third Catholic-Muslim Summit in Rome last week (Petra photo)

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