Gambia’s State House Mosque Imam Fired

Fatty(JollofNews) – A senior Gambian Muslim cleric who recently called for the expulsion of Ahmadis and a complete ban on its teaching in the country has been relieved from his post as imam of the State House mosque.

Alhaji Abdoulie Fatty was given his marching orders this morning. No reasons were given for the controversial imam’s fall from grace to dust but Banjul is awashed with speculations that the dismissal of Fatty has to do with his latest pronouncement on a local newspaper, calling for the banning of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaa’t in the country.

However, the cleric who was educated in Saudi Arabia has denied that his dismissal was linked to the newspaper interview adding that there was no love lost between him and President Jammeh.

“My mission has come to an end,” he told the online Freedom Newspaper.

“This has been predestined by Allah and I have no problem with President Jammeh. I still firmly stand by my position that the Ahmadiyaa Jamaa’t should be banned from propagating their religion in the Gambia because they’re misleading many of our good people.”

Meanwhile recent comments from misogyny to fundamental Islam, attributed to Imam Fatty have been causing quite a stir in many quarters. See our editorial


Editorial: Imam Fatty, A Threat To Internal Security

– State House mosque Imam Abdoulie Fatty, there is no gainsaying, constitutes a threat to national security, religious tolerance and social cohesion.

Recent pronouncements from misogyny to religious extremism, attributed to the Imam Fatty are disturbing and a grave cause for concern.

It wasn’t long ago that the imam was preaching a distorted version of Islam, emphasising that the religion of almost two billion followers across the globe (Islam) do not support woman president.

Now he’s making a call, with bullying zealotry, for the persecution of people practising their religion despite a constitution stressing human rights and religious freedom.

Imam Fatty’s pronouncement that the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaa’t should not be given the latitude to propagate their faith in the” territorial confines” of the Gambia is very worrying, considering the position of the religious leader.

It is very worrying and it leaves us with the questions: Are we descending into a stage of radicalisation process where the State House imam is psychologically programming hearts and minds for deadly religious confrontations?
Is it a call for other sects to team up and launch attacks against the Ahmadiyaa Jamaat in the Gambia? Will his call not naturally lift the adrenaline levels of gullible Gambian Muslims or turning the country into another crucible of radical Islam? Will this pronouncement not make others victims of fanatics consequently dragging the country into anarchy? A DISTURBING situation here!

Well, it should not be forgotten that the Gambia is a classical example of religious tolerance. For years, people of different religious backgrounds co-existed and continue to as we write this editorial. And this gain, rather than derailing it should in fact be consolidated in our quest for a country, promising security, peace and economic progress for all.

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