[Video] Candadian Muslims Condemning Terrorism

Source: globalnews.ca



SASKATOON – Muslims across Canada are condemning the attacks on Parliament Hill this week, including here in Saskatchewan.


Members of Saskatchewan’s Muslim community held a solidarity rally against violence and terrorism Saturday afternoon, saying it has no place in any religion.

Rally-goers held signs saying ‘love for all, hatred for none’ and ‘we support our troops’, among other messages.


“We are gathering here today just to show the rest of Canadians that as much as they are affected by the recent events, so are Muslims,” said Nasser Malik, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community president.



Malik said the recent attacks have left thousands of community members deeply saddened.

“Our beloved country is attacked, and at the same time, our beloved religion has been hijacked by these terrorists,” he said.

During the rally, people wore red and waved Canadian flags in support of freedom and democracy.

President of the Islamic Association of Saskatchewan Omaer Jamil said they have taken some extra precautions to make sure members of the Islamic community are safe. This comes after a mosque in Cold Lake, Alta. was vandalized this week.

“We are in touch with the authorities, with the police, just to make sure nothing escalates and we don’t have problems,” Jamil explained.

In a show of support, Cold Lake community members came together to help clean up the vandalism, posting signs on the mosque saying ‘you are home’ and ‘we stand united as Canadians’.

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